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4 Sites and 3 Podcasts Later with BobWP

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Welcome to my new site. Or I should say my latest new site.

If you are wondering about it, I will be getting to that shortly, plus some other updates.

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The real work started at the beginning of March, although a lot of planning took place several months before that. For some time I had been thinking about splitting out In early March I started the process. The idea was to make BobWP focused on WooCommerce. And yes, that transpired.

The second site would hold the remaining content that I didn’t want to let go of.

In early April, this is where I was:

  • We originally had 1,322 posts on our site. (It had been cleaned out over the years, but not completely flushed.)
  • 222 of those posts were moved to the new site.
  • 467 remained on BobWP.
  • 603 were deleted, most with 301 directs.

At that point I thought I was done.

Yeah, right.

The Last 3 Months

Besides all the pieces here and there that needed to be straightened out, other ideas crept into my brain. In fact, what I had initially envisioned for the new site vanished like a cloud of smoke in a high wind. And today, I introduce you to the results of four months of work.

4 Websites. 3 Podcasts.

Things started changing quickly and with each direction I took, another new idea would spring from it.

This is the first one I’m going to talk about because it’s where you are reading this. Once I had traveled along through the twists and turns of this adventure, in the end, I had a few things going on. Although I mention this one first, it was the last one to put together.

You could call this the catch-all site, the headquarters for BobWP. There are really two main reasons that this site exists.

1. The Perfect Site for Social Platforms

As my sites and podcasts grew, I knew that with each distinct flavor, there would be different audiences and at the same time, cross-overs. So instead of leaving a bunch of links in my social profiles, why don’t I have one. From there it’s your choice. Simple, huh?

2. A Catch-All Blog

Each of my sites has a niche. And the content I write about naturally revolves around that niche. Interspersing other deep thoughts or posts that share an experience I might have at a WordCamp just don’t fit on my other sites. As a result, this is where all those will end up. A mishmash of topics that might otherwise sit, brew and eventually dissipate from my brain.

As I mentioned, it’s all WooCommerce over there now. Our Do the Woo podcast is still there and going strong. So really, not much that I haven’t already said when it comes to that site.

WP eCommerce Show

Our long-running podcast, originally the Do the Woo podcast, then the BobWP eCommerce Show now finds a home for itself as the WP eCommerce Show. It’s been in a temporary hiatus as I worked to get all our ducks in a row. But it’s coming back full-force as I return to interviewing smart people who are doing things with eCommerce and WordPress.

As of the publication of this post, we will be revving it up real soon.

Remember that other new site I mentioned that was used for splitting up Well, here it is. I like to describe it as a hybrid of content marketing and digital marketing. In other words, it’s where we will talk about podcasting, marketing, content and other topics that fit nicely. In fact, this is where some of our older posts from are now living.

But the bigger focus on the site soon will be this podcast….

WP Digital Shop Podcast

And with the new site, comes our third podcast. You can guess what we will be talking about there. As with our WP eCommerce Show, I will be bringing on people much smarter than me who can share tips, insights and other deep thoughts around digital content marketing and the WordPress space.

On Wednesday, July 17th, I will be sending out Episode 0 that will be telling you more about the show. And our very first guest is going to be none other than Jeff Chandler from It airs on the next Wednesday, the 24th.

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WP Digital Shop

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