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About BobWP

Just for the record.

I wasn’t born BobWP. My birth certificate says Robert Wayne Dunn. Most people outside of WordPress know me as Bob.

When you get to be my age, you wonder where to start. As a child I wanted to be a zoologist, photographer, car designer and many other worthwhile vocations. As a teenager in the 70s, I lived for the day and survived the decade (need I say more).

My adult life started out in the bars. Literally. From doorman to bartender to nightclub manager.

Then Computers Came Into My Life

I did not grow up with computers mostly because they didn’t exist for the masses back then. In the 80’s I tackled computer programming at a local community college. Learning Pascal, COBOL, Assembly Language and Basic was about as much fun as rolling in cow manure. But it all worked out. I never did programming after that but the experience made me more comfortable with computers. ( I started with a RadioShack TRS80.)

Fast forward.

Oh To Be a Designer

In the late 80’s I taught myself graphic design, known at the time as desktop publishing. I had my first exposure doing layout for reports as a freelancer for World Vision, the humanitarian relief and development organization. I did lots of freelancing up until 1993.

In that year, Judy and I launched our first business, Cat’s Eye Graphics, which morphed into Cat’s Eye Marketing and as we grew, we offered design, marketing and copywriting to all sizes of businesses and nonprofits.

And Then There Was WordPress

My official start in WordPress was in 2007. Was looking for two things:

  1. I didn’t enjoy doing some web design in the late 90’s, but, to stay competitive, knew I had to. All the time, I was looking for an easier way to build sites for clients.
  2. I was intrigued with blogging.

In 2010 we officially shut down our marketing business and started BobWP.

And I told myself, I’m working strictly with WordPress now.

Since then. I have coached and trained thousands of WordPress users. Stepping out of client work a couple of years ago, the transition was complete as I began creating more content and producing podcasts.

As they say, the rest is history.

And oh, BTW, I’m sticking around in the WordPress space. People come and people go. I see lots new faces and energy every day. It makes me happy. I’m glad others like WordPress as much as I do.

I continue to work with WordPress and enjoy life on the Pacific Ocean with Judy and our rescue cat Chester. I read tons of fiction and love to watch film noir movies.

Things You May Not Know About Me

I learned most of my life lessons from Curly of the Three Stooges.

I am a huge fan of cheese. Just about any kind of cheese.

I’m a lover of old movies, preferably anything before the 1950’s. Can’t get enough of Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, James Cagney, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Edward G. Robinson and many others.

Most people don’t believe I’m an introvert at heart. My stomach used to get tied up in a double knot at the thought of speaking to even 10 people.

I will never tire of Monty Python or Fawlty Towers.

My road to entrepreneurship started with a job driving an ice cream truck, you know, the kind with that irritating, make-it-stop music.

I immerse myself in books — a good mystery, suspense, thriller or horror novel.

I cherish all living creatures, and find it hard to kill even a nasty-looking spider.

I was a bartender in the days of Harvey Wallbangers and Rusty Nails.

I believe the amount of liquid in a glass has nothing to do with anything but thirst.

One of my first design jobs was a program for a fundraiser in Hollywood, where I met Oliver Stone.

Oh, and I’m addicted to Hitchcock movies.

And yes, I am an optimistic fool.