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How to Avoid the Abuse of Automated Social Shares


Today I want to chat about automated shares, customizations and the frequency around them. Specifically Twitter because often there is a more high-volume number of tweets, but of course some of this can easily crossover to other platforms as well.

Also it does tiesinto monetizing. Simply because to monetize you need to drive more people to your site. And the right social sharing strategy can go a long ways here.

First, let me be clear that I have nothing against automating your social. In fact I do it here. I really believe if done right, it can give you amazing results. But, I also want to be sure and let you know even though automation is done to save resources, and I’m sure there have been many who have discovered their sweet spot, for me it does save time in the sense that I can do the work beforehand. But I believe that good social scheduling still takes time.

Let me explain.

People Who Jump on the Bandwagon

What I want to share with you is what I have discovered by watching others. And by that I mean those who have either watched me or someone else that is implementing their own strategy and they simply think, Well, it’s working for Bob or Terry or Sam, so it must be the thing to do.

Here is where the problem lies.

The Wrong Way

I have found individuals who have literally decided to take the strategy of tweeting a lot because we all know tweets fly by quickly in their streams and they have a very low longevity factor. But as a result, it doesn’t really work for them because:

1. They don’t have enough content. They are sharing the same stuff over and over and over again.

2. They are setting up their automation easily and quickly. Just having it drop the title and link in. Again, the result, depends on how much you are on Twitter, as you might see the exact same tweet again and again in a short amount of time, or day after day.

In both cases, not all of your followers, but some will unfollow, pull your from a stream or simply block you. I will admit it, I have done it for that very reason.

So What Are the Solutions?

Well, I don’t consider myself a Social Media consultant or coach, so my solution is simply something I have learned myself and you can take it or leave it. But if you want to share more on Twitter and also automate, this is what I suggest.

1. Wait till you can really have enough content.

2. Schedule shares that include sharing other content from friends, colleagues or any other blogs you like and read.

And most importantly of all, customize your tweets and other shares.

Yes, you heard me right. And this is where it takes time. Don’t just keep on sharing the same post with the title and link. Write custom tweets. Get creative. One example would be if you have a post with five tips. Highlight each tip in the share instead of your title. This not only helps you get away from filling your own stream with repetition, but it will likely catch people’s attention more. But keep it tried and true, no false or exaggerated shares that are only there to get people to click thru.

And if you do share an image, consider creating a few images to interchange with your shares.

I have been doing both of these for awhile and it works. And the fact that I use the Social Web Suites plugin on our sites makes it even easier.

And remember, I’m not talking every single tweet. Just mix them up a bit.

Unfortunately my solution will not save you a ton of time. It’s more work. But did anyone every say this was going to be easy? If so, I know it wasn’t me.

Social Disclaimer

Something I should add. Many social media experts say to use this but also to tread lightly. You will need to talk with others, reply and keep it social. Well, let’s leave that for another post as I have some thoughts there that reflect what I’ve seen these so-called experts do themselves to remedy this that I don’t consider effective.


  1. Maazia on October 3, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    Keep it social and most importantly keeping it human! I’ve noticed many brands and their communications come out as being robotic. Companies using social media platforms like Twitter specially need to bring quality in terms of their communications and community management, the reader needs to know there’s a human behind the screen.
    I enjoyed reading your article by the way, would love to read similar pieces!

    • BobWPMedia on October 5, 2019 at 2:42 pm

      Yep, you are spot on . And with this comes work, which many are not willing to put in the time.

      And you are very welcome 🙂

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