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Women of WordPress in the eCommerce Space

Where are the women who WordPress and eCommerce?


How to Avoid the Abuse of Automated Social Shares

Tools that are letting us automate our social are considered a perfect way to save resources. But when it comes to Twitter specifically, high volume tweets only work when you are strategic.


Why Google Isn’t Always the Best Tool for Learning WordPress Basics

When it comes to learning WordPress, you can easily go down a rabbit hole when searching for the right videos on Google.

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4 Sites and 3 Podcasts Later with BobWP

What is BobWP media? And what has been doing on these past 4-5 months.

Better Blogging: How to Write a Think Piece

We have to develop and publish blog posts that help readers not just learn new information, but make sense of it all in terms of their own businesses and lives.


The Dangers—and Delights—of Using Humor in Your Online Content

Humor can be tricky and there are certainly instances where it shouldn’t be used (although how many times have you gone to a funeral where the mourners were laughing at stories about their departed loved one?). There can be pitfalls for sure, but, used right, there are many benefits, too.