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Create a To-Do List to Update Old Blog Posts When You Revisit Them

If you want to keep your content fresh and SEO happy, consider a to-do list for those times when you go into an old post on your blog.


Optimizing Your WordPress Site by Compressing Images

Learn how easy it is to keep you images on your WordPress site optimized with WP Smush, a free WordPress plugin.


The Critical Piece Before You Monetize

Today, we are talking about one of the most important factors in monetizing your site. That is your audience, your community, you fans.


Do You Need a Blog? Or Can You Blog Without Blogging?

Blogs will continue to be a great tool for many reasons. But do you really need one? Or is there a way to use the power of a blog without blogging?


The Most Powerful Content Marketing Feature of WordPress – IMHO

There is a long list of features that attracted me to WordPress in 2007. This is the one that has stood the test of time.


Should You Blog Daily?

Should you blog daily? What is the sweet spot? And why do people blog daily?