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How to Optimize the Social Sharing on Your WordPress Blog Easily with Social Warfare


Back in September of 2016, I switched to this plugin. The original post was around the reasons I made the switch, but I have chosen to republish that post and add screenshots and text showing you all that you get with Social Warfare . You have the option of watching the video from the original post at the end.

The Social Warfare Plugin

Here are all the options you get with the premium version.

Social Networks

This easy drag-and-drop interface lets you choose your active networks, as well a couple of choices for button ordering.

choose your social networks

Share Counts

You can choose to show either or both of the button counts and the total share counts, as well as set a minimum number that needs to be reached before they start appearing.

share counts for social warfare

Social Meta Tags

Here you can toogle if you want your site to use both open graph tags and/or Twitter cards.

social meta tags on social warfare

Position Share Buttons

This is one area where you get very specific control on the pages, posts, archives, homepage and also any custom post types you might have. For example I have WooCommerce installed so I choose if and where I would want social share buttons to appear on my products pages.

position share button social warfare

And for each one, you get these options.

options for position of share buttons

Image Hover Pin Button

This is a cool feature, especially if you have images in your post that are likely to be shared and pinned (food blogger, travel bloggers, those kinds of sites). And as you can see, you can really fine tune where the pin appears as well as the image itself.

image hover pin button social warfare

Yummly Display Control

If you are a food blogger, chances are you will want to display this one.

yummly display control in social warfare

Visual Options

There are several choices here that give you more control over you styles.

visual options in Social Warfare

Here you can see your available options.

visual options with menus

And if you choose a custom color in any of these menus, you get the field to drop in a value for that color.

custom button color in social warfare

You will see that if you make changes, the buttons display what they will look like before you save them. (Compare it to the screenshot above)

visual options in social warfare changed

If I hover over it, I also get the preview of my new settings.

hover affects changed

Total Counts

If you choose to show the total counts, you have options of the decimal place, separator and the alignment of the total counts.

total counts for social warfare

Floating Share Buttons

If you prefer to use floating buttons, whether are the top, bottom or sides, you can do that here.

floating share buttons social warfare

Click-to-Tweet Style

These are popular to use and can be very effective if done right. And what’s great, is with some social sharing plugins, you have to install another plugin to get this feature.

They give you several themes for this and the chance to customize your own with CSS. Again, as you change the theme you will see what it looks like here before you save it. I will be showing you how to set up and insert these later in the post.

click to tweet style in social warfare

Sitewide Identity

These are important enough that I have actually written a post specifically about this when sharing on Twitter. They append the share with your username in Twitter and Pinterest shares.

sitewide indentity

Why is this important? Because it shows who the post originated from and their twitter handle. That way if someone is interested in checking you out on that platform, or following you, they can.

Here is the tweet to be shared.

share on twitter

Here is the pin to be shared.

share on pinterest

Open Graph og:type Values

This setting lets you choose the Open graph type for posts, pages and any custom post types. But as you can see, your content may fit one of the specialized types. This setting primarily helps search engines and social networks to recognize the kind of content that you feature on your site.

Open Graph og-type Values

Tweet Count Registration

At some point a lot of social sharing plugins could no longer count the tweet shares because of some change at Twitter. But this allows you to retain those by using a couple of third-party share counting tools.

tweet count registration

Frame Buster

Have you ever seen someone share your post and at the bottom appears a link of theirs? Sites like Sniply allow them to do this to display their own advertising on what appears to be your site. Well, frankly, I think that sucks. The Frame Buster, when activated, senses those and redirects the visitor back to your site.

frame buster on social warfare

Bitly Link Shortening

If you have a bitly account, you can use it to shorten all your links.

bitly link shortening

Analytics Tracking

A fan of analytics? Do you use Google Analytics? You can use this to activate UTM Tracking, and Google Analytics Event Tracking for your button clicks.

analytics tracking

Advanced Pinterest Settings

Some great added features if you are allowing people to share via Pinterest.

advanced pinterest settings

Share Recovery

This is probably one of the coolest features of this plugin. As you know, for a long time sites have been encouraged by Google to switch from http to https. Often when you do this, well, you will lose your previous shares. I know, it happened to me way back when. But fortunately this feature helps so you won’t lose them. Unless you are very familiar with SSL, I would read over their documentation for this. But I know it does work, I’ve used it. And to be honest, if you have not made the switch yet, thinking of doing it or perhaps even recently did, this alone is worth the price of the plugin.

Share recovery on social warfare

Caching Method

A couple of options here.

caching method on social warfare

Full Content vs. Excerpts

This is an interesting setting. As you probably know, some themes don’t have excerpts, so your blog archive page will show full posts instead of the excerpts. The problem with this is that people will read your full post there. So since they do that on the archive page, they don’t click through to the single post. And that is where you will find the share buttons. So as a result, they don’t share your posts because they don’t have that option. But this takes care of that for you.

full post vs excerpts option in social warfare

Post Options for Social Warfare

Now this plugin takes it even further. Once you create your posts, you will get these options. If you noticed on the Pinterest share example I did above, it’s not pulling from the post, rather it’s using a custom Pinterest share image that I created.

share on pinterest

If we look at the options below the post, we see that we can add a custom image for Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, as well as Pinterest. Also, you can add a custom title and description for those and a custom tweet as well.

post settings

In the previous settings you were able to toggle pin image for browser extensions, set pin browser image location, and globally set the button locations for this specific post. In other words, you can override the default settings.  And you can toggle the Floating Buttons on and off as well.

post settings expanded menu

Click to Tweet Button and Creation

Earlier I showed you where you set the look of the Click To Tweet button. Now you’ll find a little icon to use to insert it anywhere into a post or page.

click to tweet button

Just place the cursor where you want the Click to Tweet to appear and you get a window to put in your custom tweet. Notice that it does automatically use the default theme for it, which would be the one you set in your settings. But you can change it per tweet in the post or page. Also, you have the option of having the quote in the article be different than the actual tweet that is sent out. Just click OK to insert it.

build your click to tweet

If I were to create this one:

my settings for click to tweet

Here is the live Click to Tweet you can now share:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Learn everything you need to know about the Social Warfare plugin.” quote=”Share this tweet and let others know all the cool stuff this plugin has to offer.”]

Insert Your Social Icons Anywhere You Want in a Page or Post

You will be able to also manually place your share icons anywhere in a post, page or most custom post types. There is this icon in your toolbar.

icon for manual insertion

And you can choose to insert them in the page or post you have open, another one and limit which buttons to show.

options for inserting the button manually

The Social Warfare Popular Posts Widget

The last thing I want to share with you is the widget that comes with the plugin. It shows your most shared posts and several choices as well, including the option of selecting only a specific network. You can also choose post or page, or a custom post type. Lastly, the widget can be a basic color scheme, based on a social platform or one of the colors of the click to tweet options.

popular post widget for social warfare

And this is what it it might look like depending on your settings.

widget for social warfare

So there you have it. As I said, this is one dynamic sharing plugin for WordPress. If you are looking to get more control over what is shared and how on your WordPress site, I would suggest that you check out the Social Warfare plugin.

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    Compared to other sharing plugins, Social Warfare Pro has outdone itself. No other social sharing tool can provide great features such as social optimization tools, twitter share count, click to tweet features, and twitter cards. I give this plugin thumbs up to its developers. It has been my choice, and have used it for years hence, am sure it will be yours too. Get it to maximize your WordPress website or blog experience.

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