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Why I Redesigned Three Sites and Created One New One with Beaver Builder

Are you familiar with the Beaver Builder plugin? If not, it’s a page builder for WordPress.

I have used it off and on for landing pages on my site for a few years. But it was ter times that I had a vision in my head of what I wanted and Beaver Builder could bring that vision to life with little hassle.

Why Beaver Builder?

The best way to explain this is in three parts.

I Am Not a Coder

I have never wanted to be a coder. Sure, I am comfortable with some CSS and adding a snippet to my function.php files, but that’s about it. My background is in print design. When I moved into the website arena, I was looking for something simpler than the dreaded HTML site builds.

When I discovered WordPress, I found a solution.

I’m Weak and Easy: I Follow the Crowd

I have always looked for themes that made it easy. And for the last six years I have used Studio Press Genesis child themes on my sites (and previously for clients’ sites). They worked for me and I was always able to find a child theme that filled my needs.

I Needed More Control Over My Design

When I was making my most recent iteration of a new design for one of my sites, the WP eCommerce Show, I found that my standby, the Genesis child themes, just wasn’t cutting it. There were details I needed to be a certain way. I had a vision and I was stubborn about it. Found myself unwilling to settle for passing on some of the things I wanted, like:

  • Homepage layout details.
  • Header and footer customizations for certain pages.
  • Several other odds and ends.

For those of you asking, but Bob, you could do those tweaks to a Genesis child theme or build one yourself, please refer back to the section, I Am Not a Coder).

Simply stated, it was driving me nuts to find the theme and I wasn’t going to go down the theme vortex via a google search.

Beaver Builder to the Rescue

You may be saying, but there are so many builders. And there are also some great themes, eg. Astra.

I know.

But I had already used Beaver Builder. I liked it. It is a solid page builder. I didn’t want to learn something new.

So I used my copy of Beaver Builder (premium version) and thought, heck, why not use the Beaver Builder Theme Framework? And shoot, let’s take it a step further and use Beaver Themer. It all works together and there will be no surprises.

Here’s the good news.

Since I had only done landing pages, I was quite surprised how quickly this went for me.

And most importantly, I like to tweak stuff: small changes based on usability and what my readers and listeners want. Beaver Builder gives me that power so when I redesigned three sites, and was ready to launch a fourth, I wasn’t worried about it being perfect.

It’s a work in progress as my sites have always been. Best of all, I won’t need to be the crazy, neurotic person I used to be, always changing my theme. I simply, tweak, fix and give it some Beaver Builder no matter what the changes are.

What About Those StudioPress Genesis Child Themes?

Well, the good news is that yes, you can use Beaver Builder with any of those themes. For my specific needs, I made the choice to totally move over all my sites on the Beaver Builder and the the theme framework.

Do I still recommend those Genesis child themes? Absolutely. I bought the StudioPress Pro Plus package for access to all their themes in December, 2012. And I have used it a lot! I believe StudioPress is a great choice and I’ll continue to recommend it.

So Check Out My Sites

In addition to the one you are on, my other sites include: – All Things WordPress

WP eCommerce Show – A Podcast about eCommerce in the WordPress space – Start or build you podcast on WordPress

And as I said before, they are works in progress. That is why I love Beaver Builder.

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