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WPTavern Then and Now with Jeff Chandler

This podcast was originally the first episode of a podcast we had decided to change for the format on. But it was such a great interview with Jeff that I moved it here so it would not be lost forever. In fact, Jeff has since left WPTavern. And this podcast will give you some indications that it was time for Jeff to move on.

We are talking with a special guest, Jeff Chandler from His site, which is considered the #1 source for WordPress news, was launched 10 years ago.

Since then, Jeff has seen a lot both in WordPress news and the site itself. In this podcast, I chat with Jeff about the content side of WPTavern and what has evolved over this last decade.

We Start with the Why

We begin the show by having Jeff tell us why he started this site.

Jeff Shares His Thoughts On:

  • How his readers found him when he first launched.
  • What kind of growth WPTavern experienced in its first year.
  • The pivotal moment in the life of WPTavern and whether he would have changed any of what he did then.
  • If what he has done at WPTavern has become easier over time.
  • Which one he prefers personally: podcasting or writing content, and why?
  • Whether the Tavern is listened to by the casual WordPress user, or are they more involved with WordPress and the community.
  • How they deal with all the comments, good, bad and ugly at the Tavern.
  • The WordPress plugins and services he uses on the site when creating content, the ones he could not live without.
  • His favorite feature of WordPress.
  • Gutenberg: has it helped his workflow or does he miss the good old editor?
  • His biggest, personal challenge with running a news site.
  • Whether he will continue his work at WPTavern.
  • Twitter and why he likes to talk about birds and his backyard.

Find Jeff at:

On Twitter @Jeffr0

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